White Mould Cheese

Locheilan's famous soft cheeses mature quickly. As a result, the 'best-before' date is our suggestion for peak flavour. However, many people prefer the stronger flavour that develops a week or so after.

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A mild cheese with firmish texture

Perfect for two to share



A classic camembert style cheese with velvety white surface exhibiting a clean mushroom aroma.

It has a smooth and creamy texture, maturing to a rich full flavour with softer consistency.

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Our softest, creamiest, most luscious cheese in the French brie style. When fully ripe, it flows just like a true brie.

The flavours continue to develop as the cheese matures, and we strongly suggest you use the date as a guide. Earlier for mild flavours, or later for a more complex taste experience.

Winner of 4 gold medals.

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Triple cream cheese for the ultimate indulgence, combining the flavours of our renowned brie with the bliss of extra richness.

Gold Medal Winner



Larger and creamier than the Locheilan Triple, the ring makes a wonderful centerpiece for any cheese platter

A Gold Medal winner at the 2012 World Cheese Awards.

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Blue Cheese


A black-waxed cheese that adds style and distinction to a cheese board.

The cheese is sharp and spicy when young, developing a lovely soft texture with piquant flavours as it ages.

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Made in the Stilton style, this cheese exhibits the classic flavours of an English blue.

Firm and mild when young, it matures to a smooth, full-bodied complex of flavours.


Hard and Semi-hard Cheese

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A soft and creamy feta, made from whole milk collected in the morning.

For longevity, it is stored in brine, which can be rinsed away before serving.

Gold medal winner.



A semi-hard cheese matured for a minimum of 4 months in the style of an English Cheshire crumbly.

Yellow-waxed for maturation, it has a firm yet crumbly texture with a pale, straw-coloured interior and a lingering, tangy aftertaste.